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Hydrocodone is a highly addictive opioid that is used to treat serious pain. Some legitimate pharmacies sell prescription drugs via the internet, but far more fake pharmacies offer the drug online.

Some of these scam sites offer hydrocodone at incredibly cheap prices.

They may advertise “cyber doctors” that can write a prescription on the spot. Online prescriptions are meaningless, both in terms of determining your actual need for a drug and in protecting you from legal penalties.

Buying hydrocodone from a fake pharmacy is incredibly dangerous. There is no accountability for these scam sites, so it’s likely you may not receive any product or that the drug you do receive is cut with other dangerous substances.

Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing medical problem in the U.S. One big reason is that people now have more access to drugs than ever before via online pharmacies. Many sources of pharmaceutical products are suspicious, if not outright illicit. They may be operating somewhere in the gray area, where the lines of the law are blurred. Often, with little more than a valid credit card number, individuals can obtain an unlimited amount of potent and highly addictive opioid painkillers.

Online prescriptions are almost universally illegitimate. You must be physically examined by a doctor to determine if your pain warrants something as strong as an opioid painkiller.

While it is possible to purchase hydrocodone online, it is a bad idea and illegal. In addition to legal penalties, you run the risk of receiving contaminated or fake drugs that put you at risk for serious physical harm.

The above testimony states that these illegal sites sold hydrocodone for a higher price than it goes for legitimately. This was taken as a sign that both the seller and most consumers know that what they are doing is illegal. The markup helped to justify the risk of the crime and took advantage of the cravings of the consumer.

In other instances, scam pharmacies will offer hydrocodone at incredibly low prices. This is usually a sign that the drug is fake.

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